My Neighbour

I have a new neighbour in my boarding house. She lived across my room. She looks older than me, but I’m not sure. We haven’t been acquainted personally. She seems quite, but sometimes I heard she was being talkative with other neighbour, whom I thought as her friend. We sometimes look each other in the eyes, but that is a reflect move that made me look into other direction at the moment; and so does she.

She wore hijab, or veil, or whatever you call it. I always thought that women with hijab is boring, but I don’t think she is. I ever overheard music playing inside her room, and sometimes she played my favourite music! I also appreciate those who played music like White Shoes and the Couples Company, Green Day, Endah N Rhesa, and the like. Continue reading “My Neighbour”


The Best Jobs in the World

When we have a job, I think that is just another way our time is wasted. It is not about whether we are paid or not, it is about the feeling. Do you feel fluttery sensation when you’re doing it? Or do you feel excited? Ecstatic? Or not? I think, what job really mean is when you have your total effort in whatever you do, and you like it. Whatever that is.

I have my own dream jobs in my life, those what I think as the best jobs in the world. I haven’t been one of those, I really hope I will be someday. Continue reading “The Best Jobs in the World”


2010 is the year of my learning process. Earlier I studied added semester. Then I graduated in the middle. And the rest of the year is the time of deciding my future; whether it is job hunting, where to continue my study, or even when to get married.

I had a very long time jobless months, where I used to plan my future. But no, it’s not what happen. The truth is I did many lazy works to do at home, like sleeping, reading on the bed, watching TV, making cakes (not good, to be honest), hanging out with friends more often. I promise myself to write more when I am jobless, but no I broke the promise easily. It is hard to write when I have no trigger to face. I was becoming one sleepyhead, and definitely my body mass increased. Continue reading “2011”