La Sardina Sea Pride: Best Mate

Let me introduce you to one of my mates before my marriage. Indeed before my marriage because that was the moment when I did travel the town surveying a lot of things (you know). And every time I move, I brought this.

This is one type of analogue cameras. I fell in love with lomography once I realize their concept of photography: don’t think, just shot. Damn right I am. I have no time for perfect shot, yet learn for its tricks. I just want to shot, wherever I go.

La Sardina was my choice for its chic shape, like a sardine can. Sea Pride was my choice because, well I don’t know I pick it randomly in store either this or the one with black-white stripes. My Sea Pride has calming sea colour, which is nice and comforting somehow. It also has cute fish caricatures, adding cuteness of this camera.

As I said, I brought this wherever I went out: the malls, in taxis. I also try for multiple exposure feature in Sea Pride, but mines are still mess. I attached some of my best shots here. Again, I just shot.

It’s pretty soft, right? I don’t need any photos filter any more (not that I’m good at it). Some multiple exposure is a mess, I know. It’s important to understand photos you’re about to expose and imagine how they would be in one photo.

Now I got one roll attached to my camera and it’s not finished since before I gave birth. It was nearly one year ago! I really miss our time being together, and adding my daughter will be a nice fit in my shots.


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