Style Profile – Moi

University research editor and postgrad student.

Best Sartorial advice from your parents?
Do wear something fits your body, not too large not too tight.

Style icons?
Grace Kelly, Carla Bruni.

Describe your personal style…
Vintage, bohemian, classic, original.

Favorite designers?
Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen.

Most cherished item?
A white gold ring with flower as a birthday present from Mom.

I feel best wearing?
A long sleeve shirt with rumpled upper arms, beige mid-calf long skirt with brown belt, along with heels and scarf.

Never caught wearing?

Dress to impress who?
College students.

Your next “must have” purchase?
Vintage oxford wedges.

Favorite item of clothing?
At the moment, all of my mid-calf long skirt.

Pilates, swim.

I skimp when buying …

Flats or heels?
Heels on the office, flats on the street.

Favorite stores?
Flea market and vintage store, Zara.

Favorite place to search for inspiration?
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, ak.’sa.ra bookstore.

Best stylish movies?
Becoming Jane.

I spend my weekends…
Lying on the couch and reading books.

Favorite book?
Erica Bauermeister’s The School of Essential Ingredients


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