My Neighbour

I have a new neighbour in my boarding house. She lived across my room. She looks older than me, but I’m not sure. We haven’t been acquainted personally. She seems quite, but sometimes I heard she was being talkative with other neighbour, whom I thought as her friend. We sometimes look each other in the eyes, but that is a reflect move that made me look into other direction at the moment; and so does she.

She wore hijab, or veil, or whatever you call it. I always thought that women with hijab is boring, but I don’t think she is. I ever overheard music playing inside her room, and sometimes she played my favourite music! I also appreciate those who played music like White Shoes and the Couples Company, Green Day, Endah N Rhesa, and the like.

She sometimes came home late at night, when I was studying with friends in the outside table between our rooms. And in the morning when I was awake and went outside the room around 9-10 a.m., I sometimes found her room is dark already. I think she is working, and her office is somewhere near here.

But I don’t know whether she is still a student or not. There is a sticker in her door room. It is a message banner, but below it stated one university; which is not the same as mine. I think she went to that university. But, one of my friend ever said that he ever saw her with an ID rope of my university. I forgot to ask him whether it is a student or employee ID.

I think I wanted to catch the moment to introduce ourselves. She might be a good neighbour.

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