The Best Jobs in the World

When we have a job, I think that is just another way our time is wasted. It is not about whether we are paid or not, it is about the feeling. Do you feel fluttery sensation when you’re doing it? Or do you feel excited? Ecstatic? Or not? I think, what job really mean is when you have your total effort in whatever you do, and you like it. Whatever that is.

I have my own dream jobs in my life, those what I think as the best jobs in the world. I haven’t been one of those, I really hope I will be someday.

1. Mother. I think being a mother is like a gift, a chance to take care of one little human being. I always feel that sensation whenever I imagine have a child. That feeling always comes whenever I heard ‘Close to You’ by The Carpenters or ‘You’re My First, the Last, My Everything’ by Barry White. Those are awesome songs, I really feel it. Being a mother, it is not just a job, but a responsibility. And by that responsibility, I am challenged.

2. Football Manager, because whenever I play FM game on the computer, I feel excited. And I play it by heart, I live that manager character. I also made her character on one of my saved game on The Sims. I love football, but I don’t play football so I want to manage a football club. Italian club will be good, I always love Italy.

3. Housewife. It’s indescribable. I want to be a housewife, but I don’t want to be one of the desperate housewives; that serial is just socially made housewives interpretation worse. What’s wrong with being at home and take care of the family? It is one of the coolest job on earth; housewives are thougher than any other women, I believe.

4. Runway Vintage Model. Yeah, I want to laugh out loud when I wrote this down. Firstly, because I am crazy madly in love with vintage design. Secondly, because I badly want to know how it feels to be on the runway. This is one silly dream, I think.  But I hardly imagine myself to be on the runway, right.

5. Ocean’s Eleven Member. This one is amazing. I always love to be with bad guys. I watched the three sequels, and I am still in love to be among them. What I like about them is the challenge ( always love any challenge in the world) of the plan.

But mostly, what I really really think as the best job in the world is an activist; any kind of activist, whether it is environmental activist, religious activist, women activist, human rights activist, consumer rights activist, anti-corruption activist–any kind. I like to be a part of NGOs, because basically, fundamentally, factually, I love being independent and idealist, and I love to work with social non-government organization.

I used to love being a journalist, but I don’t really feel the same right now; I don’t even have the same admiration towards media after what had happened to this country’s media. I no longer want to report or write somebody, I now want to be that somebody who is reported. I want to be the speaker, I want to be one whom those reporters asking. Yes.


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