2010 is the year of my learning process. Earlier I studied added semester. Then I graduated in the middle. And the rest of the year is the time of deciding my future; whether it is job hunting, where to continue my study, or even when to get married.

I had a very long time jobless months, where I used to plan my future. But no, it’s not what happen. The truth is I did many lazy works to do at home, like sleeping, reading on the bed, watching TV, making cakes (not good, to be honest), hanging out with friends more often. I promise myself to write more when I am jobless, but no I broke the promise easily. It is hard to write when I have no trigger to face. I was becoming one sleepyhead, and definitely my body mass increased.

Then I joined one of postgraduate program in Jakarta. That was the same day I joined one campus in South Jakarta where I began to work in office hour after several months of jobless. And that was frustrating! At the same time, I have to adapt in two different conditions with two different pressures. The second month, I gave up the work, I continued the study.

Days after I resigned was heaven! I could sleep easily, did school assignments wherever I want, came home wherever I want (FYI I have 3 houses to go home to), watched TV whenever I want, and on and on. I could concentrate only for the study, and be total. I like that moment.

What I don’t like is, factually, I am jobless. I don’t have anything to save in my bank account. At school, I learned how to manage cash flow (and it’s really a fun thing to do) and I want to create one for my own. But so far, I did not fill the income yet besides from my parents. Working was my only option.

I ended 2010 with so many fabulous plans. In fact, with more hopes. My study went well, I made new friends, I got a promising job, I got engaged, I got a comfy boarding house. Sometimes I am afraid that my grateful to God is not enough, never enough.

2011. I honour this year. I have many plans ahead which is not easy but allons-y! My resolution is, by the end of the year, I have:

  1. worked on my thesis (half or more than half),
  2. finished my personal needs for the d-day,
  3. got married, or almost,
  4. had worked in PR industry,
  5. had established my business proposal for at least half of the plan,
  6. had written at least one journal, and
  7. had read at least 6 books (including The Joy of Cooking).

Before continuing, I want to make special gratitude to people who helped me go far this year: my Entrepreneurship group, who helped me a lot to pass; my parents, my whole family member, for the support from A to Z and for attending my graduation ceremony; my friends in ICON bulletin, helped me do something in my spare time; my friends in LSPR PGP, MT Al-Khawarizmi BINUS, my high school friends; my former colleagues in BINUS to go along together; my three incredible lecturers: Mr T, Ms Ida, Mr Rudy; my future husband, for everything; and other related parts or people could not mentioned one by one. May God gives back to them more than what they gave to me.

And now let the time goes.

3 thoughts on “2011

  1. I really like things that you write here, it’s refreshing somehow, for me πŸ™‚ I didn’t write things like this in my blog, and now, I want to πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you very much, Tresna. You know, you will write better when you write it at one time; and that’s what I do here. Thanks for visiting this old blog of mine. You go! πŸ™‚

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