O Death

…Since then, I realize that death is not the end of life, but it is also my best friend. She is always sitting by my side, even while I am talking to you, looking to the mountains here with snow.

Your death is always sitting by your side?

By my side, sitting in the chair right in front of me. I see death as a beautiful woman.

What is she saying?

She is saying, “I am going to kiss you,” and I say to her, “Not now, please.” But she says, “OK, not now–but pay attention and try to get the best of every moment because I am going to take you.” And I say, “OK, thank you for giving me the most important advice in life–to live your moment fully.

(An interview with Paulo Coelho, by Laura Sheahan)

“…manfaatkan waktu sehatmu sebelum sakitmu, dan waktu hidupmu sebelum matimu.” (HR. Bukhori)

P.S.: Baru saja share hadits itu di facebook, hari itu juga dapat kabar tentang Gusdur. Selamat Jalan, kakek inspiratif yang kadang saya benci tapi juga saya kagumi jalan pikirannya. Semoga kami yang masih hidup di dunia ini bisa mengambil ibroh dari kepergiannya.


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